Please consult my Contently Profile for a complete list of my freelance writing credits.

Career highlights: Freelance writing

I have a regular column at The Financial Diet blog, which is a popular personal finance site geared towards millennial women. In my articles for TFD, I write about mental health, wellness, beauty, self-care, and budgeting.

Sample blog posts include:

What separates me from other writers

I’m able to quickly deliver high-quality content for my clients. They can trust me to go the extra mile in completing their projects. My writing is clear, effective, free from errors, and completely original.

I use services like Grammarly and Copyscape Premium to double-check all of my work; I do everything possible to catch technical errors and make sure that I avoid unintended plagiarism (like forgetting to link back to a source).

All of this means that you can book my services with complete confidence.

Career highlights: Freelance editing

I’ve proofread ad copy, re-written rough drafts of ebooks, and provided line-by-line editing of creative writing projects. My clients know that they can turn to me with any questions about their content; I’m available to provide professional advice long after I’ve delivered a project.

In terms of creative writing, here are a couple examples of poetry manuscripts I’ve copyedited:

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