Writing-Related Gifts for the Literature Lover in Your Life

Today we’re going to do something a little different. Rather than going through writing tips, I’ll suggest some holiday gift ideas for the literary-inclined people in your life in a mini blog post. 

1. Stationery, stationery, and more stationery.

For writers, stationery is perhaps the best and most obvious gift. Nice notebooks, journals, planners, pens, pencils, highlighters, markers — the list goes on and on. Anything to take notes or write with is a great option.

You can often find surprisingly high-quality stationery at your local dollar store, which is a solid option if that’s all your budget will allow. But there are also many unique products to be found at specialty paper shops — many of which are local businesses.

For example, if you’re based out of Toronto, Hanji Gifts is an awesome choice with multiple locations. Especially during lockdown, supporting small businesses is more important than ever. 

2. Ebooks.

With the logistical difficulty of dropping off physical gifts during quarantine this year, ebooks are a convenient option as well. Sure, if you’re able to purchase and deliver a beautiful new hardcover book or a cool vintage copy of an old classic to your recipient, those are both great gift ideas.

But especially in places like Toronto — where we’re in full lockdown mode for the foreseeable future — meeting friends and family in-person isn’t really possible. For this reason, ebooks are very handy to gift.

Alternatively, you could purchase an App Store/iTunes e-gift card and include a note that you’re gifting it with the hope of them finding their favourite new ebook.

3. Book-related accessories.

You could also purchase things like bookmarks, posters, or merchandise from your recipient’s favourite book series. For example, if they’re a big Harry Potter fan, you could find some Hogwarts-themed accessories they might like. This shows a certain degree of thoughtfulness and personalization while keeping with the literary theme.


I hope you enjoyed this mini gift guide version of the Writing Advice blog. As always, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated of future posts and all the latest writing tips.

Happy writing!

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