Do you need the help of a qualified, professional author?

I can use my expertise to write, edit, and proofread high-calibre content for your next project.

I’m Mercedes Killeen—a professional writer and editor, available on a freelance basis. I can help your creative vision become a reality.

As a freelance writer, my work is:

  • High-quality
  • Well-researched
  • Snappy and engaging
  • Free from errors

As an editor, my feedback is:

  • Precise (line-by-line)
  • Comprehensive (includes both proofreading & copyediting)
  • Honest and balanced

My areas of expertise

I’ve been a creative writer for over ten years.

In my career, I’ve won multiple literary awards, been published widely in magazines and journals, and written two books for my publisher, Grey Borders Books.

And, for the past year and a half, I’ve worked as a freelancer for clients across the globe. I’ve helped with:

  • Writing ebooks & articles
  • Re-writing business documents
  • Editing poetry manuscripts

As a freelance writer, I’m highly-versed in areas such as:

  • Wellness/self-help
  • Cosmetics & beauty
  • Personal finance
  • Digital advertising, marketing

What separates me from other freelancers?

When collaborating with me, you can expect outstanding service.

You’ll be working with a true professional who values your business and has the right skills to execute each project with care.

For example, I’ve written for high-traffic websites such as The Financial Diet. As a regular columnist there, I write about topics such as:

  • Mental health
  • Budgeting
  • Self-care

(See for yourself — you can read those articles here!)

And, as a poetry editor, I’ve helped clients polish their full manuscripts.

I’ve used my years of professional experience, along with my studies in English Literature, to help writers find their strongest creative voice.

As an editor, I’ve worked on books such as:

  • Jerome Bailey’s Liberation (available on Amazon here)
  • Alec Stockton’s Archives of Design (available on Amazon here)

I’ve also helped many businesses edit/re-write their ad copy, sales pitches, about pages, and more.

Sound good to you? Let’s connect.